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Firefly Innovations LLC is portfolio company of Alira Health Ventures, Alira Health’s state-of-the-art incubator lab.

Alira Health Ventures, Alira Health’s in-house incubator lab, manages wholly internally incubated companies that may be the source for the next technology breakthroughs in Pharma and Life Sciences.


We help expand product portfolio and offer purchase or licensing options for our technologies, designed to advance patient care and your bottom line. We put our passion for transforming healthcare into everything we produce, ensuring that our discoveries deliver value to patients, clinicians, and investors.

Alira Health is on a mission to enable healthcare transformation. Alira Health is an integrated consulting firm dedicated to healthcare. 


Alira Health is an integrated consulting firm dedicated to enabling healthcare transformation. Our product development, regulatory, clinical, strategic consulting, and transaction advisory services support our clients at every step of the product and corporate lifecycle.

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Dedicated Team


Aude Ouensanga joined Alira Health in Paris in 2012 and relocated to the company’s Boston office in 2015. Aude is a strategy consultant and investment banker. She managed dozens of market access, commercial due diligences and sell-side and buys-side M&A for US, EU and Japan based clients in MedTech and Pharma. She advised both startups and multi-billion- dollar corporations in the healthcare acquired infections and wound care space. As the investment manager of Firefly Innovations LLC for Alira Health Ventures, Aude supports to company in its market access strategy. Prior to joining Alira Health, Aude had been a M&A Analyst at BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking for the chemicals sector and a Business Analyst at Novartis Pharma. Aude holds a degree from French Grande Ecole EM Lyon Business School where she specialized in finance and strategy and is a registered investment banker in the U.S. holding FINRA Series 79 and 63 certifications.

Aude Ouensanga
VP of Strategy and Business Development at Firefly, Investment Manager of Firefly Innovations LLC at Alira Health Ventures 
Mia Sanders-Hanna
Research Associate II at Firefly Innovations LLC and Alira Health 
Mary McNamara-Cuillinane
VP of Regulatory at Firefly Innovations LLC and Alira Health 

Mary McNamara-Cullinane has over 25 years of regulatory experience in the medical device, diagnostics and biotech industries. She has successfully authored over 170 510(k)s, multiple PMAs, two De Novo submissions and has been responsible for several clinical trials. In addition, she has strong knowledge of global regulatory practices and registrations in Europe, Korea, and Australia having worked on many technical files and CERs. Most recently, Mary was responsible for U.S. regulatory strategy at Intrinsic Therapeutics, VP of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs at Echo Therapeutics, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Z-Medica, and Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Molecular Biometrics. Prior to Molecular Biometrics, Mary was in regulatory consulting for 17 years at Medical Device Consultants, Inc.

Lindsay Poland
Scientist II at Firefly Innovations LLC and Alira Health 

Lindsay Poland is a scientist and project manager at Alira Health’s Product Development Lab. Since joining Alira Health she has participated in the research and development of new IP, clinical research strategy and product development. She has 10+ years of experience in studying clinical microbiology and protein biochemistry. She has 18 years of laboratory experience with almost 13 of them being in the industry with Mitch Sanders at ECI Biotech (Worcester, MA) studying wound repair and regeneration and chronic wound infection. Prior to joining ECI, Lindsay graduated cum laude with a BSc in Biology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and went on to earn her MSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Mia has been working in the Alira Health Product Development Lab for 4 years. Prior to joining Alira Health, Mia spent almost 5 years working with Dr. Mitchell Sanders at ECI Biotech as a research assistant performing high throughput screens on novel diagnostic targets for advanced wound care. She joined Alira in 2015 as an intern and became an analyst later that year. In 2016 she became a research assistant and in 2017 she became a research associate I. In 2018, she became a research associate II and has spearheaded the development and scale up of the first PureMend LG dressing product offering. Mia is an expert in 3D printing technologies and is well versed in CAD as well as 3D printing software. She is currently working on generation 2 and 3 of the PureMend™ product portfolio including 3D printed alginates and novel EcoFriendly foams.